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We create clarity. About your goals and how to achieve them. We uncover unique opportunities, untapped potential and sometimes unpleasant truths. It's about setting the stage for future success.

  • Brand Strategy

    During the Brand Strategy process, we gather info about your brand and your audience, ask questions, uncover insights and combine what's true with what's to come. We determine your strengths and position your brand to differentiate from competitors and drive preference—unlocking your unique personality and core values to ensure your business is future-ready. It's about defining the meaning of your brand before the market does it for you.

  • Discovery & Insights Mining

    We don't talk down to people. Instead, we get to the bottom of things. By deeply immersing ourselves in your business, we collect data, reports, trends and original findings, filtering through early insights and recommendations for further discovery and strategy work.

  • User Research & Consumer Insights

    Gut feelings are a starting point, but we back up our strategies with thorough research and data. Surveys and interviews tell us what users expect from your products and services and what innovations they would like to see. This data is the basis for developing a targeted strategy, messaging and user experience approach.

  • Brand Perception Analysis

    Companies and organizations often make assumptions about how their brands are perceived in the marketplace. If incomplete or distorted, this image can get in the way of real growth and change. We believe it is important to step out of the echo chamber to validate hypotheses and identify benchmarks but also new growth targets. Using qualitative and qualitative methods, we gain unbiased, data-driven insights into brand perceptions in current or emerging markets as a basis for all further decisions.

  • Brand Architecture

    In times of growth and transformation, it's easy for large multi-layered companies to lose track of their parent, sub and product brands. We review your existing brand architecture and create clarity by re-establishing hierarchy and relationships within your business structure.

  • Customer Journey

    The value of your products and services increases directly with the speed and ease with which your audience can say "yes" to what you're offering. Working as a team, we map the entire customer experience from A to B. And then focus on those moments that need special attention, so-called "Moments-of-Truth".

  • Employee Journey Design

    Employees are the most important resource of any company. We highlight the divide between the internal and external perception of your brand and help you become and remain an attractive employer.

  • Campaign Strategy

    A campaign strategy bridges the gap between your brand and the communities you want to reach. Together, we define how, where, and when to reach your audience. We use our strategic toolkit to develop your brand’s unique perspective and lay the foundation for creative initiatives — from building brand awareness campaigns to launching a new product and everything in between.

  • Design Innovation Strategy

    Strategic decisions determine the future prospects of any company. We develop the vision and roadmap for sustainable innovation together. Based on the Design for X (DFX) methodology (e.g. Eco Design, Circular Design, and Design for Recycling) we create a design innovation strategy that can be applied to concrete product developments.

  • Digital Strategy

    For many companies, digital tools and systems only function to a limited extent, and the quality of the user experience leaves much to be desired. We analyze the status quo and define actions to make your sites and applications more attractive and give you a competitive advantage.

  • The Clarity Session

    The Clarity Session helps your brand find clarity through discovery. The core of the session is the PreMortem analysis, a powerful yet simple mindset and method that explores what could cause an endeavor to fail. In a focused session, we put fears on the table, build trust and team alignment, set common goals, and uncover costly mistakes before they happen. The session helps you and your team gain confidence and, more importantly, certainty about what it takes to succeed.

  • Beat Failure® Workshop

    The Beat Failure® workshop is an intensive two-day workshop led by experienced moodley facilitators in person or online. We guide your team through a series of exercises designed to create clarity around priorities and resolve potential failures through collective and diverse thinking.



The world is full of brands. Some good, others not so much. We help companies become the one that stands out and makes the difference. The one that meets its customers in a very personal way.

  • Visual Identity

    The world is full of brands. Some good, others not so much. We position your brand to stand out and differentiate from everyone else. A brand that adds value by connecting to people on a personal level.

  • Verbal Identity

    When your brand manages to sound distinctive and familiar, you have achieved what’s called a “verbal identity”. We craft a consistent and living language for your brand – a connection with your audience that’s authentic, coherent, and fitting.

  • Sonic Identity

    We make brands audible. From a simple sound logo to complex soundscapes that reflect your brand values, a sonic identity creates an emotional connection to your brand on conscious and subconscious levels.

  • Naming

    Great brands have great names. They become part of our language and have a lasting impact on your brand personality and positioning. Our naming process combines a comprehensive strategy with a creative spirit. We develop memorable name proposals, support you in the selection process and help you navigate the red tape that comes with it.

  • Brand Campaign Creative

    We develop flexible, ownable and meaningful creative campaigns that communicate your brand’s unique story – whether through web, social, offline media, environments or video. We focus our work on key insights to increase brand awareness, engage customers, and convert real people into loyal customers.

  • Packaging Design

    Great packaging design is when a product and its packaging are perceived as a single entity. Packaging serves as a key tactile experience for your brand's audience and helps grow sales by transforming the perception of your brand.

  • Branded Spaces

    People love brands and companies that appeal to all senses. In cooperation with BWM Architects, we create interiors and experience spaces for hotels, stores, offices and trade fairs.

  • Customized Typography

    Truly successful brands are not only recognized by their name, but also by their unique typeface. We develop individual fonts that shape and perpetuate the personality and visual identity of your brand.

  • Motion Design

    Everything is in motion. Your brand is too. Moving graphics, illustrations, fonts and videos guide users through an animated brand world. We translate products and services into clever motion design that users understand intuitively and that communicates complex issues in a simple way.

  • Change Communication

    No one likes to be presented with a fait accompli. Especially not your employees, who make such important contributions to your business every day. We know how to involve employees in the ongoing brand process in the best possible way and ensure positive vibes and optimal involvement of everyone involved.

  • Internal Brand Launch

    How do you inspire your own employees to love your brand? Especially in uncertain times, it is important to strengthen a sense of belonging among your own team in order to stay successful. Our internal brand launch product is designed to create participation and build excitement for your brand internally.

  • Brand Engagement

    A brand can only really take off once all employees implement your brand's core values into their daily work. In brand engagement workshops, we initiate the process of change and strengthen the awareness of your brand and transformation internally.

  • Brand Training

    How do you familiarize your own employees with the new brand language? We support the internal brand managers in answering this question with customized training tools.

  • Brand Portal

    A central online platform that bundles all brand modules, including style guide, strategy and application scenarios. It simplifies processes and helps those responsible for brand management, even when the company is in the middle of a transformation process.


industrial design

With the environment constantly changing, business transformation has become a necessity. As strategic designers and innovation experts, we take responsibility for the world of tomorrow. We create innovation strategies that come to life as sustainable designs for products and mobility solutions – while following circular design principles.

  • Trend Analysis & Scenarios

    We get to the bottom of future issues and opportunities. We explore blind spots and key dynamics of change and thus jointly uncover innovation potential — always oriented towards digitization, globalization and sustainability.

  • Sustainable Innovation Consulting

    We think about innovation holistically and integrate ecological, social and economic considerations into everything we do—from the business model materials and design to development and distribution.

  • Research

    Thorough strategic and technical research is our basis for a targeted and efficient development process. Based on the latest scientific and technical developments, we discover trends and potential at an early stage and incorporate them into our product development.

  • Circular Business Modeling

    Business modeling is an essential part of our framework to combine prototypes with suitable circular business models. We test ideas for marketability and uncover opportunities to participate in the circular economy.

  • Circular Journey Mapping

    Behind every good business model lies a meaningful value proposition. A circular economy customer/end-user journey map helps us identify and shape this proposition. But above all, it defines a way to get there.

  • Product Design for Consumer & Investment Goods

    We put our 30 years of experience into developing innovation-driven design for consumer and industrial goods. From concept to final product, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technological possibilities, cost efficiency and sustainability.

  • Mobility Design, Exterior

    Many design aspects come together on the exterior of vehicles—technology, aerodynamics, functionality and the strategic positioning established by aesthetics. Whether for rail, road, water or air, we design unique vehicles and mobility concepts for the future.

  • Mobility Design, Interior

    We see vehicle interiors as mobile living spaces and design them as fascinating worlds for corresponding user experiences. Based on our many years of experience, we design in a targeted manner and support our clients in the implementation up until a vehicle is ready for series production.

  • Experience Architecture

    In order to stage products and brands, we develop high-impact experiences for trade fairs and exhibition spaces that inspire.

  • Integrated Design Language, Visual Product Language

    A targeted design language means having a decisive competitive advantage in a crowded field and is one of the key factors for sustainable positioning in any market. We develop individual and unmistakably recognizable designs for products and entire product lines. It's how we shape a strong, integrated, targeted image for your brand at the product level.

  • CAD, 3D Modelling, Engineering & Prototyping

    In order to shorten the time-to-market, our designers and design engineers work with the latest CAD tools right from the start. We develop digital and physical prototypes to validate and continuously optimize technical feasibility, ergonomics, materiality and much more all the way to series production. We employ everything from classic scale model construction, to virtual prototypes and kinematic simulations.

  • Life Centered Design & Eco-Design

    We develop design in terms of sustainability and consider the entire product life cycle. From raw material extraction to transport, processing & assembly, use, maintenance and reuse. This is how we support the ecological sense of products.

  • Color, Material, Finish (CMF)

    Colors, materials and surface finishes add the final touch to the appearance of products, vehicles and interiors. Based on constant research, we define optimal and, whenever possible, sustainable materials, with regards to optics, haptics, functionality and cost.

  • Functional Analysis & Technology Concepts

    With a focus on the essential and relevant, we conduct functional analyses and develop design and technology concepts that not only look good, but above all show real innovation potential.

  • Modular System Design

    Systemic modularity of products and elements can bring economic and ecological advantages. We are developing the necessary design system for this, which despite all the homogeneity enables high end customization.


digital products

Everything changes. Perpetually, it feels like. Trends come and go. How do you know whether your online presence is still up to date? Which virtual experiences have the most impact on your audience? We bring brands and people together in the digital world and help navigate your business into the future.

  • UX / UI Design

    Designing entirely new products or improving specific aspects of existing ones - we can guide you to deliver the best possible product experience. Our product teams understand how to balance business, design and tech goals to create products that are as simple and exciting as possible.

  • Experience Design

    We keep an eye on the entire business ecosystem, including processes and infrastructures. This allows us to create an outstanding product engagement and a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

  • Web Development

    There is much more to a professional website than design and usability. With a combination of front-end and back-end technologies, we ensure websites and applications are designed for performance, accessibility and scalability. We are advocates of the highest code quality when it comes to implementing design systems.

  • Digital Commerce

    The whole world searches, shops and makes its decisions — you guessed it! — online. We help understand users and their behavior, build a seamless interactive customer journey, create digital roadmaps and implement end-to-end solutions.

  • App-Development

    Mobile apps are always just a tap away. We develop applications to interact better and more direct. We take on strategy and implementation or work together with internal teams or third-party providers.

  • Tech Consulting

    We know from experience how important a scalable technical setup is for an innovative user experience. And we're happy to work with in-house teams and service providers to create a flexible, robust architecture that aligns with short-, medium-, or long-term business goals.

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