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Brand technology of the new generation

We are all branded in the flux of our time. In order to win in this dynamic era, a restructuring of established brands appears to be necessary. Drastically enough, to inform you in a timely manner. Read about the technique of more fluid brands that resonate with the zeitgeist and grow faster. And those that erode rock solid.

Brand management has always been a challenge. We have always been passionate about the trends of our time. But in more stable times, those in charge could at least rely on past values to shape the future with a certain continuity. These times are over.

It is simply not enough to position brands for years to come. Today, yesterday's achievements appear like dusty trophies and are no longer significant enough on their own. It is wrong to project a visionary image of linear developments of the core business into the future.

Because the world presents itself fleeting and fluid.

Menschen durchlaufen krisenbedingt und technologie-getrieben ihren größten Wandel jüngerer Geschichte. Und wechselnde Umweltbedingungen sind die einzige Konstanz, die sicher hält.

To win in this era, it takes those in charge to dramatically increase their responsiveness and experience social change as a historical opportunity.

Markus Supanitsch

Even the most established companies now have to leave their familiar framework and renew themselves in full view in order to grow with the zeitgeist and not erode. Because establishment in the midst of change acts like an obstacle not a promise for a better time.

Yesterday's value canon is a hinderance for a better morning - and brands that still resonate with yesterday and hold on to the status quo, are harming their business.

We are all branded in the flux of time.

But those who do not know exactly where the journey of change leads, tend to do too little. It appears wiser, to be the change itself.

On the other hand, brands that appear significantly fitter on the brand market take on new shapes and more flexible forms. Alive brands, that manage to surf the wave of change and defy the primal forces by making the lives of their members a little better with every purchase - instead of stalling.

Brands that we experience as relevant and refreshing. Brands with thematic leadership. Brands that we can wholeheartedly embrace.

We call them:
Brave New Brands.

A new generation that makes status quo companies look old.

(1) They are bold iterations of the previously established agents of change—dressed in fresh values and with a lively face, using a consistent strategy to communicate emotions without contradiction and to free buying experiences from all damaging outdated clutter.

(2) They are a necessary restructuring of brand DNA, from the today’s establishment to a human image that appears much fresher and fitter - and responds to signals of a better world out there. Establishment is a fine quality in brand technology, but without renewal in the flux also a drag that slows down and complicates.

(3) They are a brand technology of the new generation that makes use of available real-time technology to gain speed and leadership in society-relevant issues of the time—to stay afloat on the surface, instead of holding on questionable business statics of vague goals and shaky pillars.

A fundamental restructuring of established brands appears to be necessary.

In almost all parts of the world, the brands of a new generation are emerging at an incredible pace. moodley design group supports customers in their brand development and enables them to make the leap into a new era of digital transformation.

Because the inner conflict of human existence that clings to the status quo and drives change, has, though means of digitalization, gained the magnitude of glocal innovation force. Drastic enough to inform you in a timely manner. "So you can get a general picture" of the flux of time and what to do as a  person in charge. Just as a Huxley recommended a long time ago.  

Thus we now have "Brave New World" as a series. Because this picture is needed if you want to do qualified work and your customers should be happy in society, as general as possible. Because the key to virtue and happiness lies, as we know, in the particular.

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