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Siemens - VIAGGO

Be it train, metro or tram – for 20 years now Daniel Huber and his team have been working together with Siemens to make the mobility of the future even more attractive, efficient and user-friendly.


Trendanalyse & Szenarios
Customer Journey
Design Innovation Strategy
Visual Identity
Exterior Design
Interior Design
Visual Product Language
Product Branding
CMF - Color, Material, Finish
CGI, Product Visuals & Animation
Functional Analysis / Technology Concepts
Modular System Design
CAD, 3D-Modelling


Lead Design-Team

  • Daniel Huber
  • Raimund Klausegger
  • Rainer Flassak


Siemens develops railway platforms for passenger trains for different operators worldwide under the name Viaggo Comfort. Daniel Huber and his team provide individual design suggestions for the exterior and interior based on the platform. The focus is on an implementation that makes product features visible and tangible, but the design also needs to take into account economic and technological conditions in an optimal way.


**Form supports function** Comfort and speed are the two dominant attributes that are made to come alive through the design language. At the same time, special attention is paid to high ecological and economic efficiency. The entire concept is designed in such a way that production as well as the daily operation is as resource conserving and efficient as possible. This means, for example, that very specific requirements in terms of manufacturing must be taken into account, as well as aerodynamics. **Showing off the benefits** For the Viaggio Comfort product presentation, Daniel Huber's team also created an animated image film for Siemens that illustrated the design features and advantages of the new platform and showed the company’s capabilities as an innovator in mobility. The team focused on making the flexibility and adaptability to the individual requirements of the respective railway operator of the Viaggio Comfort platform immediately tangible. The production of the film was supported and guided on all levels, from the strategic design through the animation to the project management.


The design of the projects listed was carried out under the leadership of Daniel Huber by his former company Spirit Design. The designer worked there as Managing Partner and Head of strategic Design from 1993 until mid-2018, before founding moodley industrial design GmbH in 2018 - his core team followed him to moodley.

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