A Story of Transformation

Komptech: From a mechanical engineer to a holistic solution provider.

The whole world is talking about change, but some entrepreneurs still aren’t addressing the issue. They question the importance of a strategic realignment, because: Can't one just keep using proven business models? The answer is pretty simple: No.

In both, unicorn companies and in traditional businesses, the digital age, automation, rapidly changing demands of customers and employees, new processes and social changes as well as global shifts require a new way of doing business. Their management now needs to stay agile on all levels, demonstrate courage and seize new opportunities. The approach to "never change a running system" is therefore obsolete and the concept of "wait and see" may only work at family gatherings.

And even though, strategic thinking is very likely to be postponed in the hustle and bustle of daily business, those who want to stay current and successful must react now and today, instead of disappearing into the realm of insignificance. A little movement here, a bit of digital technology there – is just not enough. Successful transformation requires the willingness to sustainably change, to carefully analyze methods and in any case the entire team's acceptance. What was good and right yesterday and may have worked for decades might be outdated by now. Even brands, active in green business, working around climate, energy and mobility, invest a lot, in order to prove themselves long-term in this dynamic environment.

For Komptech, a global player in material and energetic processing of biogenic waste, transformation is part of daily business. Its success story started with a composting machine and together with them, we continued to write their story of transformation: From a mechanical engineer to a holistic solution provider for a global circular economy.


Pioneering spirit for a better environment

The Austrian company based in Frohnleiten has developed more than 50 types of machines for waste treatment, since it's foundation in 1992. It quickly positioned itself as a green tech pioneer – in an industry that surprisingly still gets little attention from the public. For even though employees modestly describe their work as "shredding, composting, sieving and separating" – there is more to it than innovative machines, facilities and systems: namely Intelligent technologies and solutions that see waste as an opportunity and that transform them into recyclables or renewable sources of energy. Thereby, creating a more environmentally friendly future for all of us.

The claim, “Technology for a better Environment”, developed in 2010 is generally authentic and consistent. However, in the course of the holistic brand strategy, we identified a change in framework conditions.

New realities

  • Many competitors now also communicate their focus of "technological progress for a better environment." Therefore, a clear differentiation is missing.

  • Technology still plays an important role at Komptech, but the company continued to evolve. It concentrates on digitalization as well as services and is a holistic solution provider with global sales and distributions, supplying more than 4 000 customers in over 80 countries across all continents.

Rebranding Komptech: Never waste an opportunity ©

Where there is waste, there is opportunity

Along with Komptech, we identified significant fields of action and potentials for the content-strategic realignment. One of our developments in this process was a new, credible brand narrative that presents the large and unique service portfolio of the technology leader, as well as its customized products and solutions, that generate a maximum of value from waste.

Komptech is one of those companies that examine the purpose of business models. They for example figure out if there's a demand for a certain end product and they ask themselves if the desired quality and quantity can be achieved after all. Also, do they question if waste as a business case can even hold value in the first place. The goal of Komptech is to combine sustainability with profitability and to use the great opportunities of recycling, so they can improve their business as well as the environment.

The equation: Waste + Komptech = Opportunity

The slogan: Never waste an opportunity

What does this mean for the visual identity?

From the very beginning on, Komptech has placed great value on a strong design, recognizability and a consistent brand image. We therefore aligned their visual identity with the company's new strategy. It now fits its story of transformation, as well as their digital services including web and app solutions. Plus, it doesn't break with the company's previous appearance. The redesign of the logo (symbol and word mark) and "Light Green" as an inspiring second main color alongside the familiar Komptech green now strengthen its communication in digital media. A flexible grid system now impressively simple illustrates what lies behind Komptech's "shredding, composting, sieving and separating". It creates identity and playfully visualizes the company's complex technological processes.

Asking bigger questions, creating bigger opportunities

With its technologies and ideas, Komptech provides answers to big questions. One of them being: "How can cities deal with waste in the future?" In order for the brand to go further in its position as a leading international solution provider in waste recycling, it needs to communicate the challenges, developments and stories behind their projects more visually and of course demonstrate the opportunities that arise for people and the environment. Simply, because one should, "Never waste an opportunity".

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