Restaging the Paulaner microbrewery


It has been resting for centuries, but is now fulfilling an important task again: the wheel that once powered the “Münchner Eiswerk”. Back then it made the production of beer at the Paulaner brewery in summer possible, today it plays the main role in Paulaner’s micro brewery “Eiswerk”.


Corporate Design
Rollout & Implementation
Package Design
Print Design


Volkmar Weiss
Andreas Umdasch
Stefan Hobmaier
Aaron Jiang
Clemens Schneider
Tom Frenner
Julia Müller
Michael Sammer
Engelhardt-Druck GmbH


The German engineer Carl von Linde developed the cooling method in 1870, about ten years later he acquired a mill, the “Spießmühle” at Auer Mühlbach, right next to Munich’s Paulaner brewery, where he then founded “Eiswerk”. He made it possible for the brewery to produce beer during the hot summer time – a first. The ice machine’s flywheel has been spinning ever since – well, at least until the 1960s. That’s when electricity took over and the factory had to close. Today you will find the “Brewery at Eiswerk” where the factory once was. A micro-brewery of Paulaner where high-quality craft beer is made. When relaunching the brand moodley created an up-to-date design for the homemade speciality beers. With a simple name (“Eiswerk”) and a striking logo.


After researching the company’s history, it became clear, that there was one element that had to be put into the centre of it all: the wheel that once powered the Eiswerk and revolutionised the brewery business. We made sure that it fulfilled an important function again and staged it in an abstract way as the packaging’s centrepiece: as two-coloured photography at the labels and iconic simplified at the crown caps. Before the packaging design there was the developing of key elements in a reduced corporate design, which distinguishes itself from the craft beer competition that is often graphically overloaded. Thanks to its relaunch “Eiswerk” is strengthened in the Paulaner brewery’s portfolio and is also perceived as independent brand.

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