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The products of the “Tiroler Alpenmetzgerei” are in great demand on the MPREIS shelves. This is due on the one hand to the excellent quality and on the other hand to the colourful appearance.


Packaging Design
Rollout & Go to Market Concept
Brand Consulting


Mike Fuisz
Nicole Lugitsch
Sabine Kernbichler
Lena Wurm
Clemens Wipplinger
Sabrina Dojlidko
Wolfgang Croce
Lewis Scott


The meat assortment of the “Tiroler Alpenmetzgerei” is varied and of high quality. The modern, impressive architecture of the butchery is one of the most impressive in Austria. The butcher's shop is distinguished above all by its traditional ties with the region, but also by its forward-looking thinking. To ensure that the products in the refrigerated shelves are not only different, but also really outstanding when passing by, moodley brand identity, together with the Alpenmetzerei, set itself the task of increasing the brand's recognition value. A modern design concept for meat and sausage products should visually underline the innovative spirit and place inner and outer values in a common context.


The challenge in designing the packaging was not to reinvent the product, but to present it in a new way. moodley brand identity developed a contemporary packaging concept with the Tiroler Alpenmetzgerei and thus gave the products a unique selling point to stand out on the refrigerated shelves. The colourful variety of packaging reflects the wide range and creates a particularly effective colour structure. The colour guidance system also increases the visual presene of the individual products - just like in the barbecue season, when the highlight range BBQ is added with a black and fiery red colour composition. The deliberately slanted label and the choice of handwritten typography create a personal touch that underlines the traditions of the regional butcher's culture.

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