Lean Luxury as a Digital Experience

Ruby Hotels

When embarking on a journey, the desire is to encounter something special. This holds true not only for physical travel in 2024. The process of traveling and staying overnight has become almost as digital as its physical counterpart. From searching for hotels, to making reservations, to navigating check-ins and check-outs, there is an abundance of digital touchpoints. And the magic lies in the overall experience. Without a positive booking experience, the connection between guests and their ideal hotel stay might never materialize.

Ruby Hotels fulfills this commitment to a flawless experience in a truly distinctive manner. "Make it your own story" is more than a mere slogan; it's a guiding principle. Every hotel location boasts its individual narrative, a unique style, and the unmistakable Ruby character. For over a decade, Ruby Hotels has led the charge in reshaping the hotel industry with its "Lean Luxury" philosophy. This philosophy extends not only to the physical realm but also seamlessly integrates into its virtual world.

Build More than the Sum of Its Parts

What applies to the physical touchpoints is undoubtedly true in the digital space: A good brand is more than the sum of individual elements. Digital touchpoints frequently align with the physical hotel experience, where each facet of the experiential puzzle contributes to a greater whole – encompassing technology, design, and content.

Therefore, the new Ruby website not only encapsulates the individuality of its unique brand, but also delivers a seamless digital experience that is easy to use. Moodley Design Lead, Mark Toonen, developed a robust design system that adeptly integrates the individual elements, setting Ruby apart from other booking platforms. As each hotel possesses its own character, these unique traits find representation on the website, with core elements from the hotels serving as visual anchors and forging a connection between the physical space and digital space.

“Our challenge was to create a digital environment mirroring the distinctive Ruby brand. Our goal was to seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital experience, such as merging the rich colours of the lobby and bar with the light ambiance of the signature hotel rooms. This ultimately delivers a cohesive and immersive experience.

Mark Toonen

It's All About the Journey(s)

Delivering on Ruby’s ‘Lean Luxury’ philosophy also means avoiding digital gimmicks. For example, all domains were consolidated under one navigation principle, the information structure was rethought, and access to specific information was facilitated – both in the desktop and mobile versions of the website. The entire appearance was conceived as a journey of discovery – with a focus on the destinations. In addition, a second navigation system based on teasers was implemented so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. A booking engine, optimized with regard to the brand expectations of Ruby Hotels, helps not only compete with third-party providers but also offer better solutions. The booking process has been significantly simplified, making decision-making for the users much simpler.

In summary, in the age of digitalization, Ruby Hotels are redefining the hospitality experience by seamlessly integrating physical and digital touchpoints. With a focus on individuality, accessibility, and a holistic experience, they are shaping the future of hotel stays. #DigitalTransformation #HospitalityInnovation

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