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How do you say farewell to a true great?
By giving it a worthy last hurrah, that truly memorializes it.


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Wolfgang Niederl
Daria Titarenko
Lisa Haller
Anna Ferrari


For 25 years, the name "Steirische Klassik" had been synonymous with fresh young wines by the STK winegrowers that encapsulate the typical character of the region. Yet, the classification according to the new DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus) system of origin, which is intended to protect Styrian wine even better and to ensure its high quality in the future, makes this category obsolete. The winegrower’s association STK however, did not want to let the beloved classic just disappear. With the creation of a unique cuvée from their last vintage of this classic vine, the twelve exceptional winegrowers have given the famous regional mainstay a fabulous last outing. moodley was commissioned to design a special label for the limited edition, which unites all STK wineries and celebrates “Steirische Klassik” once more.


With their idea of combining the premiere of the DAC origin wine with a festive finale of "Steirische Klassik", the STK winegrowers have once again proven their class. The combination of twelve quality wines into the precious rarity "Steirische Klassik 2017" was a highlight that required an exclusive label design that met the demands of the STK and embodied the luxury of what was limited to just 1500 bottles. moodley has solved the challenge "twelve winemakers, one wine" with visual and haptic design elements. Different soil layers are a symbol for the diversity of the STK region, which shapes the respective character of the winegrowers that are all mentioned by name and their wines. Sand and gravel, shell limestone, marl, slate and volcanic soils make this “commemorative wine” an icon – in terms of taste and art. It’s a finale that at the same time is a true highlight.

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