Super kids, Superar.

Superar, Verein zur Förderung der Musik

At Superar every child, regardless of its social, economic, cultural or religious background, is a superstar. Therefore Superar and moodley gave them a stage worthy of superstars.




Brand Positioning & Brand Architecture
Corporate Design
Brand Communication
Print Design
Corporate Publishing
Digital Design


Volkmar Weiss
Johanna Jaksch
Karin Novozamsky
Binela Zeiselberger
Marie Mohnl
Frank Jesinger
Max Karall
Jork Weismann
Aaron Jiang
Wolf-Dieter Grabner


Changing society for the better through music is the goal of non-profit foundation Superar since 2009. The goal is to provide children, who have little or no access to it, a musical education free of charge in order to further social integration, create equal opportunities and empower every child. Because music connects and inspires. Such an ambitious goal requires a lot of help, commitment and support. That’s why moodley was tasked with attracting attention with striking posters.


Portraits full of expression, strength and emotion form the centre of the corporate design. The text concept with the names of the children is an expression of solidarity and of the importance of the participants to the association at the same time. The specially created super smiley and the strong typo, coupled with the strikingly minimalist look, carry the message of Superar into the world: We make music, not distinctions. And thus, we make exactly the difference that is so important today.
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