Branding an underdog

TAU Winzer Tieschen

Small town people are often underestimated. A fact, that doesn’t bother the people in Tieschen, just off the Slovenian border in the slightest. They know that they have something others can only dream of: this special attitude towards life that nobody can take away from them and that you can feel at every corner in Tieschen. It’s also infused in the local wine, for which moodley has developed the branding.


CCA Bronze


Brand Design
Packaging Design


Wolfgang Niederl
Daria Titarenko
Adam Katyi
Anna Ferrari
Barbara Klein
Verein TAU Winzer Tieschen
Stefan Robitsch
Manuel Schaffernak
Christian Niederl


The Tiescheners are unique. A bit odd perhaps, but with their hearts in the right place. Self-deprecating and with irresistible drive. Just accepting things as they are is not their style. They prefer do their own thing – and make their own wine. It’s classified as a DAC local wine, which emphasizes the regional characteristics, but is hardly known even in Styria. But with the new identity courtesy of moodley, the underdog will not be overlooked anymore.


For the people who grew up here, Tieschen is not just a place, but an attitude towards life that unites everyon. Anyone who grew up here is proud of it. This self-confidence is reinforced by the Tieschen DAC local wine. But: How do you manage to win a place among the well-known Styrian wine-growing locations? By cleverly using the framework of the DAC system for the design. By making the Tieschen name as large as possible and putting it on the label four times. And by pushing the term local wine into a new dimension. This wine just makes for a striking ambassador. It’s quintessentially Tieschen, where they don’t just stick to the rules, but unapologetically show their rough edges to the world. It’s a real insider tip and a place that only reveals itself, if you have searched for it long enough. Once you find it, you will like it.

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