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With moodley’s help AIRSKIN is opening a new chapter in human-machine interaction and setting out to become one of the leading technology providers in a new era of industrial automation.


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Elisabeth Bauer
Marie Dokter
Johannes Fischer
Manuel Fröschl-Rossboth
Patrick Greimel
Samuel Hartleb
Daniel Huber
Adam Katyi
Julia Krenn
Sonja Lach
Gernot Leonhartsberger
Florian Mondl
Wolfgang Niederl
Georges Quiqueran-Beaujeu
Stephan Rein
Maria Traunmüller

To this end, the companies focus has been redirected to one of the fundamental problems of successful automation: the safe and efficient collaboration between machines and humans. The upcoming transformation into a technology provider creates new market opportunities for a product that’s poised to realize its potential as a new industry standard in the coming years: AIRSKIN Tactile Technology. The touch-sensitive pads react to the slightest resistance and thus promise more safety, flexibility and productivity, not only in automation, but in all applications where people and machines work together without barriers.

In addition to the new strategic direction, moving away from being a pure robotics specialist and towards becoming an enabler of efficient collaboration between humans and industrial robots moodley created a holistic new brand direction, which is being implemented progressively as the company transforms. While the product design was further developed in line with this core idea, for example with LED rings for visual feedback, the brand identity, including the logo, a customized design system and the digital communication, was also redesigned for the future direction.

AIRSKIN® is pushing the boundaries of human-machine-interaction. An integrated approach of growth strategy, product design, and digital-first branding paves the way for a holistic brand transformation.


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