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Ragsol was founded with the courage, the know-how and the purpose to revolutionize the oil field as a spin-off from Austria's oldest oil company. The tireless drive and determined ambitions of the young company have now been put into words and images and an equally confident corporate design.


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Volkmar Weiss
Ulrike Pinter
Johanna Pötsch
Katrin Mostböck
Marie Mohnl
Erli Grünzweil
Aaron Jiang
Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
Max Karall
Simon Scharinger
Jürgen Genser
Christian Aluani
Annalena Bibo


Courage, conviction, knowledge and experience – these are the tools of Ragsol. The company, developed out of RAG in 2018, turns yesterday's oil field into tomorrow's oil field by combining the old tech with the latest technology and innovative solutions, as the "sol" already promises in the name. The primary goal is the efficient use of resources and to incite a rethinking process in the entire oil industry. Without compromise. moodley was tasked with creating an adequately confident and bold design for these disruptors in the oil industry.


Ragsol was launched with the idea of doing things differently than all the others and differently from how things were done in the oil industry. The same approach was applied to the corporate design. The claim “well thought, well done” that was developed in the process, is not only exemplary as a benchmark for the thinking and the actions of the company, but also has the character of a slogan. In clear contrast to the competition in the industry the visual style relied on the reduction in the colour scheme and the creation of a simple lettering with an expression of durability and strength. The combination of artificial, technical detail shots and expressive landscape photographs combined with the striking use of typography ensures the appropriate attention. The use and the combination of different materials round off the smart, bold and at the same time high-quality corporate design, which not only corresponds to the innovative oil company, but will also lay the ground for Ragsol to achieve their goals.

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